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Apartments in Alanya

Apartments in Alanya


Thinking about buying a home in Turkey under construction, but you have some doubts. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of this deal. In Turkey, apartments under construction are bought not only by foreigners, but also by Turkish citizens. Why?

Good deal

  • You are planning to invest your money in overseas real estate, but you do not have enough money. No problem. When drawing up a contract, you pay only 20-30%, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments until the end of construction. Apartments at the excavation stage in Turkey are cheaper, so after construction is completed, you can profitably sell your Turkish property.

Object design

  • When your apartment is not yet ready, you can discuss with the developer to change the design of the apartment. For example, choose a tile to your liking or change the color of the kitchen. Many developers are willing to make such an agreement with the client.

Transaction security

  • Why is it important to choose the right builder? Guaranteed financial security is the main factor why Comfort Homes Turkey selects developers in Turkey for you, dear customers, to buy an apartment under construction. Monthly construction reports, as well as full support of the client at all stages of the transaction. We work as transparently as possible, so our customers do not have any questions.


  • The most important disadvantage that our customers highlight is the expectation. Complexes in Turkey are built quickly, about 2 years. The complexity of the construction should be taken into account, if it is just a building without infrastructure, then the maximum construction period is no more than 18 months.

Comfort Homes Turkey works only with large developers in Turkey who value their reputation. Turning to our company, we will select an apartment in Turkey in accordance with your wishes.

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Apartments in Alanya

Thinking about buying a home in Turkey under construction, but you have some doubts. Comfort Homes Turkey.

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