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Real Estate in Turkey. Typical Ordinary Apartment vs. Apartment in Complex

Once the tourists came to Turkey for vacation they make a decision to purchase an apartment here. Various questions arise as location and price of an apartment. And the main question is what kind of an apartment to choose in a complex or in a typical ordinary house. If you want to save money then it is better to buy an apartment in a typical ordinary Turkish house. If you  prefer to live in a comfortable suite with all extra infrustructure, then you may purchase an apartment in a complex. Let's start exploring the differences between two types of real estates. 

Apartment complexes in Turkey are called site. Sites are quite diverse, for example, old houses vs new built projects. There are different house arrangements in Turkey. Some of them stand apart from each other and  have only one garden in its private property. Other houses stand in blocks making a residential complex with 24/7 security in a private property. Inside complexes there is a well-developed infrustructure with swimming pools, closed winter swimming pools, barbeque zones, shower zones, small cafes, gyms for fitness, hamam, sauna, table tennis, etc. Some of the complexes have their own entrance to the beach. 

As a rule, a typical ordinary Turkish house does not have such various infrastructure. Usually ordinary houses of approximately 5-6 floors have only gardens in its property. 

Every complex administrator puts a price of monthly payments (Aydat) to the owners of apartments in a complex. Aydat goes for housing maintenance and functioning of infrustructure in a complex. The bigger a complex is the more expensive the aydat is. In addition to aydat you also make monthly payments for water and electricity. Thus, residents of an old complex with a garden in its property pay  about 30 Turkish liras for aydat. If a site is recently built and has a swimming pool, barbeque zone, sauna, hamam and a sport gym, then the aydat is 100 or more Turkish lira. On a general meeting residents of every apartment house or apartment complex make a decision whether to increase monthly aydat or not. Every owner has to pay monthly aydat regardless of whether he/she is a permanent resident  of a complex or comes twice a year. 

Prices of any apartment vary according to housing areas, year of construction, floor, furniture, equippment, etc. There is no such concept in Turkey as a price per square metre. 

Very often new built complexes  have kitchens united with living-rooms. Old apartment houses have kitchens separately from living-rooms. For example, if you see in an apartment sale add that it says 2+1 apartment, then it means that an apartment has 2 bed rooms and 1 living-room united with a kitchen. 

A typical ordinary Turkish apartment houses usually have separate kitchens. It is very often that a typical ordinary apartment houses have more square metres comparing to new built complexes. 

There is no difference between a bathroom in a complex or in a typical ordinary house because it is always united with a toilet.  Bigger apartments may have two or more bathroms. 

Thus apartments in a typical ordinary house are not only cheaper for customers but also are easier to maintain because there is no extra infrastructure in a complex. 

Every person has to make his/her own decision what to buy. Some people want to live in a local color and be surrounded by Turk neighbors. Others prefer to live with European neighbors. And where would you prefer to live in a complex or in a typical ordinary apartment house?

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