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Turkish Doner Kebap (Wrap) Background

Turkish Shawarma - Doner Kebap

So do you know the background of doner kebap? Many people  have some knowledge about it. And that's the reason why we would like to discover doner's background. There are many versions that do not correspond with each other. 

The 1st version says that Iskender Bey from Bursa came up with the idea of making doners. Some writings say that 150 years ago there was a meal of lamb or veal cooked on fire. Meat without bones was put on a stick and held over a fire on two bottles.

The 2nd version says that doner's background came from Hamdi Usta, a cook from Hastamonu. His receivers Shukryu and Raif Gulsunars, popular masters of the second generation, distributed doner kabaps. 

The 3rd version says that when we talk about Elvie Chelebie's trip to Ukraine, the history of doner kebap goes back to other places.  In her writings about Crimean provinces, Chelebie makes a statement "They sacrifice well-rested and fed lamb for having a nice dinner. They cut meat into pieces and put it on a thick stick. After they make a fire and grill it on fire".  By reading it we make a conclusion that theory of doner's background from Crimea is possible.

As many resources point out that doner kebap could relate to chug kebap from Erzurum. 

Dear friends, these are the versions of how doner kebap came to our life today. It is clear that the rotation of a stick with meat remained unchanged. However, the position of a stick rotation has changed from horizontal to vertical. In conclusion, we could say that  possibly background of doner started in Bursa, Hastamonu or Crimea, but it is impossible to get the right information about it today.

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