Turkish coffee. Interesting facts about Turkey.

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Turkish coffee

Many of us start a day with a cup of coffee made half asleep.  Smell of coffee refreshes and improves our mood. Actually there are no coffee plantations in Turkey, but the most popular coffee is Turkish coffee, a special coffee prepared in jezve.  An origin place of coffee trees appearance in the World is still unexplored, but there is an assumption that it came from Ethiopia. Then coffee beans were brought to Yemen, and later to the Ottoman Empire.  After that coffee beans were spread to Italy, Europe, and all over the World. One of the legends says that a shepherd discovered coffee trees when the goats had eaten to much of coffee beans and had become active and full of energy, so that they could not fall asleep a long while. Many of us like Turkish coffee because of its strong flavor. Arabica and Robusta are the most popular types of coffee growings because of its high caffein level.  A coffee flavor directly depends on the degree of coffee roasting . Scandinavian roasting is the lightest. Vienna roast is considered to be medium roasting coffee. More concentrated type of medium roast is a French roasting coffee. And the darkest one is the Italian coffee roasting. Healthy coffee is considered to be of dark roasting. It is proved that only one cup of coffee improves mood and memory, decreases risk of diabetes and cirrhosis, and gets off headache. It’s hard to believe that many lives have changed thanks to coffee. We all know that. In times of the Ottoman Empire a wife could divorse her husband in case of his inability to procure her a daily portion of coffee. The World’s first coffee place was opened in Istanbul in the 16th century.  While having a cup of coffee people had discussions about a ruler, made serious decisions and had a nice talk about their lives. People shared negative opinions about the government at the coffee shop, and it led to a very soon closure of that unique place.  Certainly everyone heard about fortune-telling on coffee! Some cafes in Turkey provide this kind of service for attraction clients’ attention.   Notice that a Turkish word *kahvaltı*  meaning  breakfast is translated as *pre-coffee*.  Its name came to the Turkish language because the first cup of coffee is served after the breakfast is finished. Turkish coffee with its special making method and serving tradition was placed in the List of World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. Indeed the serving tradition is unique because you would be served a small cup of coffee along with a glass of water  and  Turkish sweets called *lukum*. You can call coffee as Turkish when you see a frothy top on it.  There is also one funny tradition in Turkey. On an engagement ceremony a bride shows her talent  in making coffee. She has to serve Turkish coffee made by her  to all guests and a groom.  The funny thing is that she makes very salty coffee for the groom, so that it is hard to drink without any wincing. If a groom drinks as if nothing has happened he shows his big love and gratitude to a future wife.

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