Alanya sightseeings

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Alanya sightseeings

Sightseeings in Alanya

Alanya is the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea coast, the center of the sea resorts. Alanya is the most south point of Turkey. The climat in Alanya is subtropical. The town is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea from one side, and by the Toros Mountains from the other side.  It is very popular for its beautiful beaches. There are many night clubs, discoes, bars, and restaurants in Alanya. What about those people who enjoy nature and culture? Alanya has many sightseeings. 

  • Red Forest, which is built in the 13th century by the order of the sultan, Alladin Keykubat. 
  • Alanya Museum. The symbol of this museum is the bronze sculpture of Hercules, 52 sm of height. 
  • Cleopatra Beach, which is named in honor of the Greek empress.
  • River and Cave, called Dim. The most chilly and green place of Alanya. 
  • Sapadere Canyon. The beauty of nature and wonderful views are unforgettable.
  • Ancient town, Siedra, is surrounded by the ancient walls and built in the 7th century BC.
  • Alara Han, the historical place has many wonderful views of nature. 
  •  Viewing platform of Alanya, 650 m above sea level, is surrounded by municipality buildings.
  • Yacht tours, can be in day or night time with disco and foam party in it. 

Friday pazar in Alanya

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Ukrainian driver's license in Turkey

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