Restrictions for foreigners when buying property in Turkey

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Real estate in Turkey is in great demand among foreigners. As of 2022, foreign citizens have set a historical record for buying: apartments, villas, townhouses, as well as commercial properties in Turkey. I would like to note that foreigners can buy any type of property in Turkey, in any quantity.
Foreign citizens are prohibited from buying property in the border areas with Syria: Mardin, Hatay, Kilis. However, these restrictions do not particularly upset potential investors, since in most cases their choice is: Istanbul, Antalya, Mugla.
It is also forbidden to buy real estate not only for foreigners, but also for Turkish citizens, in places of strategic importance, as well as in protected areas.
Foreigners have the right to buy land plots in Turkey, but not more than 30 hectares.
From July 1, 2022, new restrictions were introduced for foreigners, which affected obtaining a residence permit in Turkey. Due to the increase in the density of settlement of foreigners, some areas of Turkey have become closed to obtaining a long-term residence permit. It is still possible to buy property in Turkey in closed areas, but it is no longer possible to apply for a long-term residence permit in these areas from July 1, 2022. Innovations affected not only people renting apartments in closed areas, but also apartment owners.
In Alanya, 4 districts were banned: Mahmutlar, Karygydzhak, Kestel, Avsallar.
There was no explanation from the Migration Service in Turkey whether this measure is temporary or permanent.
Exceptions for obtaining a residence permit in closed areas of Turkey
 In closed areas, you can get a residence permit if you marry a Turkish citizen. Also under the exception were the children of foreigners who were born in the closed areas of Turkey.

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