Classification of Turkish schools

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Schools in Turkey

Schools in Turkey

Education in Turkish schools has been going on for 12 years. Consists of three parts, each lasting 4 years:
Primary school (ilk okul),
Secondary school (orta okul),
Senior school - lyceum (lise).
Also in the education of Turkey there is a compulsory preparatory class - anasınıf. Children start attending school at the age of five and a half.
Upon graduation from elementary school, students do not take exams. After graduating from high school, children take exams and, based on the results, they can choose a suitable lyceum.
Lyceums are divided into several types:
General education (Anadolu lisesi)
Professional, with a choice of profession (Meslek lisesi)
Focus on scientific disciplines (Fen lisesi)
Religious (İmam hatih)

In Turkey, as in many countries, there are public and private schools.
A child can attend a public school only at the place of registration. Education takes place according to the program adopted by the Ministry of Education.

Private schools practice their programs. Classes are held according to the own textbooks of this educational institution. There are no restrictions on the admission of students; many foreigners study in such schools. Here, from the first grade, they study foreign languages, many different electives, sports sections, music and much more.
The advantage of these schools is 2-3 meals a day. Classes end around 5pm.

Required documents for a foreigner:

If the child goes to preparatory or first grade, you only need a residence permit in Turkey.
Starting from the second grade and above, a certificate of completion of a certain number of classes is required. Translated, in Turkey, into Turkish and certified by a notary. After that, assure at the branch of the Ministry of Education of Turkey. Just a passport, residence permit and birth certificate of the child. These documents are Apostilled and translated into Turkish.
It should be noted that each school has its own school uniform.

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