Phuket island. Thailand

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Phuket Thailand

Phuket island. Thailand. 

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If there is paradise in the world, then this is... Those who have ever visited Thailand without hesitation will answer that Tai is incomparable. Indeed, crowds of fans of this kingdom are growing day by day. What is so attractive and fascinating to Thailand?

Thailand is eternal summer, beautiful sandy beaches, warm sea, endless green territory, lots of fruits and vegetables. The temperature of air and wataer is always about the same, keeps at around 30'C. There are dry and wet seasons. 

The dry season lasts from November to April. A comfortable wintering time, which many fans of Thailand are in a hurry to use. The wet season lasts from May to October. This is the time of monsoons and rains (July - September). The number of tourists is reduced and prices are reduced.  Surf lovers take advantage, catching a wave.  

The largest island of Thailand is Phuket. The name Phuket means "phu - is mountain, ket - is colored glass". Phuket is a green island in the Andaman Sea of the Indian Ocean. Coconut palms and a tropical jungle here are friendly adjacent to dense urban development. 

Phuket beaches are a lively picture of a bounty chocolate commercial with palm trees and fine white sand. It is worth noting that smoking on beaches not in designated areas is prohibited, even electronic cigarettes. Those who break the rules face a prison sentence and a fine. 

The most famous beach in Phuket is Patong Beach, called banana forest. Large shopping and entertainment centers, boutiques, restaurants, night clubs are located here. 

Karon Beach is considered a Russian beach. The peculiarity of this beach is squeaky sand. 

Kata Beach is the beach of lovers, the most expensive and the most remote from the airport. 

If you prefer a more relaxing vacation or a family holiday with children, you should take into the consideration the beaches of Nai Yang, Kamala, and Surin. 

Thai sunsets deserve special attention. Impossible not to to notice the richness of colors. 

To fully experience the taste of Phuket, you should

  •  visit neighboring islands 
  • dive into scuba diving
  • play golf on special golf courts
  • watch elephant shows
  • go to aquapark
  • see monkeys
  • see the Big Buddha statue
  • enjoy Thai massage and delicious tropical cocktails
  • be sure to try Thai cuisine, preferably in a panoramic restaurant
  • go to a "hot" show
  • visit local markets with cheap fruits and vegetables, taste unusual street food there.

Use the tuk tuk, the local means of transportation,  to observe the island. 

So that the rest is a success, and the aftertaste from visiting Thailand  was pleasant,do not forget to pre-arrange medical insurance and stock up with UV protection. It is also worth taking care of banknotes because they depict the King, and generally avoid jokes about the Royal family. 

Despite all of the above, for some people Thailand is remembered as a dirty and crowded place, but if you fall in love with this paradise (and most people do), it will not let go and will beckon again and again.


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