Interesting facts about Turkey

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Facts about Turkey

Did you know that:

  1. Snow in some parts of Turkey takes six months. Unsurprisingly, there are around 10 thriving ski resorts here.
  2. Turks love to work and bargain. Even when they are hired, they will always negotiate better wages.
  3. Arameans still live in the small town of Mardin, which speaks Aramaic, Jesus' native language.
  4. Father Christmas has become the prototype of St. Nicholas was born in Patara in Turkey about 270 years in soil.
  5. Opened in 2011, Istanbul Oceanarium is one of the largest in Europe and the world.

Airport in Istanbul

Istanbul Airport can enter the top ten airports in the world. Comfort Homes Turkey

Sapadere Kanyon


Lavender fields

Lavender fields in Isparta Turkey. Comfort Homes Turkey

Wonders of the world

2 out of 7 wonders of the world are in Turkey. Comfort Homes Turkey Real Estate

Tulip festival

Tulip festival in Turkey. Comfort Homes Turkey Real Estate

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